3D Printing... A new way to 'Cook'?

I've been intrigued lately by 3-D printing - have you heard about it? It's pretty incredible and opens up a whole new range of options for us as designers. Very simply, these printers build a three-dimensional object by adding successive layers of material millions of times over according to a digital blueprint, creating all sorts of objects for use in design, construction, decor...the list keeps growing as fast as its popularity. But this option is perfect for me, because it combines two of my favorites: design and food!
Shoeburger: As part of a contest, the bun for this burger was baked in a shoe-shaped pan that the entrant created on his 3D printer. (via Shapeways)
Gummy People: Move over bears, worms, and fruit shapes, the new way to get your gummy-candy fix is by printing a 3D version of your own body. We’re thinking these would make great birthday party or wedding favors in the shapes of the guests of honor. (via dvice)
Pasta: This is still a prototype, but imagine all the pasta shapes you could be enjoying once this printer becomes a reality!  What shape would you make first? (via Inhabitat)
Chocolate Printer: This chocolate printer, the Choc Creator V1, is available for just over $4,400.  You can create chocolate treats in any shape imaginable - consider the possibilities! (via Choc Edge)

Nasa is getting into the mix too... it has funded research for a 3D printer that creates entrees or desserts at the touch of a button. (This reminds me of a Star Trek episode...!) Texas-based Systems and Materials Research has been selected for a $125,000 grant from Nasa to develop a 3D printer that will create "nutritious and flavorful" food suitable for astronauts, according to the company's proposal. Using a "digital recipe", the printers will combine powders to produce food that has the structure and texture of, well, actual food.
Sources: The Guardian & Brit+Co